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International Rueda de Casino Multi Flashmob – March 2019

On Saturday, March 30, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. (local time) thousands of people danced Rueda de Casino/ Cuban Rueda across Asia, Africa, America, Europe, and Oceania. This year, we hosted in Madrid! There were almost 100 of us in the plaza Isabel II!

Description of event: Youtube

Winter Flashmob – December 2018

Our level 3, 4, and 5 students wanted to end the semester with a flashmob. So we took to the streets to spread some holiday salsa cheer with two ruedas next to la Puerta de Alcalá. Tons of people stopped their holiday shopping to watch, and a few even danced along with us!  We are so proud that even students who have been with us for less than a year were excited to break out their skills in public. The first rueda was coregraphed by students and the second was completely improved. ¡Olé!

Photography, video, and names of the dancers in the video description -go to YouTube.

End of class practice – Octubre 2018

Our level 5 students start strong! They did a great rueda with a lot of flow, lots of difficult changes and some casino steps. We will continue working on the song’s intro and body. As you can see, even though it was a Monday night, they are killing it! Considering this is only their second class this fall, we can only foresee good ruedas coming up.

Video and editing by Dame2Salsa.

Cuban rueda at La Especial

We were asked by La Guapería Musical, a group who organizes timba and salsa events in Madrid, to participate in one of their events. We share La Guapería’s philosophy of promoting Cuban salsa in Madrid, as we try to promote through our Cuban rueda classes.

So, we did not approach this as a show, performance or as a way to advertise our school. We asked for some student volunteers to show everybody how easy and fun it is to dance rueda. Mission accomplished!

After our little rueda we taught some easy adornos to make sure that everybody could participate, and then got a giant rueda together with all of those who wanted to try it out.

Photography and video taken by William Mbakop. Names of the dancers in the video description -go to YouTube!

Flashmob Ventas 2017

As the grand finale of the 2016/2017 school year (June 10th-11th), we did several salsa flashmobs at Las Ventas in Madrid. Despite our nerves and the occasional mistake, it was really impressive and the public loved it! Of course, we were (and are) so proud of our students. Some of them had only been dancing for a couple of months!

Photography and video were taken by Alexandra Lunar and Christina Samson. All video editing was made by Cristian Barrio. Names of the dancers in the video description -go to YouTube!

Level 2 class

Adam Jamieson, our dear student, had the great idea of recording the practice rueda that we did at the end of one of our Level 2 review classes. We think it is a good resource for students to check their progress and see how it looks from the outside, even though it is now one of the old salsa videos.

Video and editing: Adam Jamieson. Names of the dancers in the video description -go to Youtube!