Our classes

What makes our classes unique?

At Dame2Salsa, we teach Cuban rueda as, in our humble opinion, it is the best way to learn Cuban salsa. As all the moves are performed together in a circle at the same time, helping students assimilate the rhythm better. This also helps to internalize the rhythmic patterns of salsa in far less classes. As you change partners constantly, our students will get used to dancing with different kinds of partners, which in turn gets them ready for social dancing (clubs, dance events, etc.). And after all, salsa is a social dance!

In salsa, as is true in many ballroom dances, there are two roles: the one who leads (lead or leader) and the one who follows (follow or follower). Conventionally, the leader role has been performed by the man and the follower role by the woman. However, both teachers dance both roles, and the choice of learning a role is entirely up to the student and never based on sex or gender. Also, we never force students to learn both roles because we believe it is more beneficial to focus on one and excel.

Our groups

Our class groups are small and balanced. We firmly believe that we can dedicate more time and attention to individual students when there are only a few people in class. This is the reason why our groups have a maximum of 16 students (some only 10!) and always two teachers in every class. We always have the same spots available for leaders and followers in a group: in a 10-student group there are spots for 5 leaders and 5 followers. This way everybody dances and students do not need to wait for their turn to dance. Signing up with a dance partner is not required, as we always take it upon ourselves to organize the groups to accommodate everyone to make up a balanced group of dancers.

At Dame2Salsa, our groups are closed, which is very difficult to find in a dance class. Once every 3-month course starts, we do not allow people to sign up until the course is over. This allows for all the students in a class to have the same level and learn consistently, at the same pace. Furthermore, it also prevents the situation where a newcomer would join in the middle of the course, probably feeling lost and stopping the progress for the rest of the class.

Our ruedas

Our ruedas are not only fun, but they have a lot of flow and there are lots of transitions. We understand there are callers who prefer ruedas with a lot of pauses and very long figures, as we also do that in level 1 for obvious reasons. However, from level 2 onward, our ruedas are very flowy, transition-oriented, and focused on all dancers to have an active role (and not only leaders).

We have spent years not only teaching, but also developing cuban rueda and rueda de casino. We partake on international events and congresses, we bring famed rueda teachers and we also teach our own workshops. We are your one-stop rueda shop.

Our levels

We have 5 rueda levels. This means anybody can join, no matter if they don’t know the basic step or they have been dancing rueda for very long and are tired of seeing ruedas where the calls are always the same.

Even though the general difficulty is in crescendo, each level except the first two ones (which are introductory) is thematic. To make sure that newcomers sign up for the right level for them, we do a level test or group assignment.

Every level theme is explained in this part on our class schedule page.

Our meetups

We strongly advocate for practicing what is learnt in class, which is the main reason behind going dancing with our students. Before COVID-19 we used to go dancing every week to different clubs, however since the pandemic we started organizing meetups outside. It has some side benefits, as we can play all the salsa we want and have many, many ruedas. In order to make everybody happy, we also organize club meetups, especially to soirées where they play a lot of salsa.

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