2018: A Well-rounded Year in Rueda Standard

Did you know? After giving classes for years, we decided to start a project to teach and revitalize Cuban Rueda and Rueda de Casino in Madrid –  Dame2Salsa! A founding principle was to use a standard. That way, all of our students can dance together all over the world, regardless of skill level or language. That […]

Why don't we offer free salsa lessons?

Why don’t we offer free salsa lessons?

We get asked if we offer free salsa lessons in Madrid a lot. Maybe even more often than that, people ask us if they can try a class before enrolling in our academy. In this article, we are going to explain why we don’t do either. Group characteristics The first, and most important, reason we […]

Let's start our cuban salsa tips. Don't give unsolicited advice, it's all too easy to offend somebody!

Cuban salsa tips part I: No unsolicited advice

We are starting a section about Cuban salsa tips! Why? We believe it’s essential to be aware of some things that we don’t have time to discuss in-depth in class and we believe these things are also important to share with the salsa world. Paradoxically, today we’d actually like to encourage you not to give […]