Leadowing: Part 1 – The Benefits

    Over the years, several students have been joing the leadower revolution, learning both roles to expand their salsa skills! In this two-part series, we have interviewed and highlighted the most common themes in their stories becoming Dame2Salsa leadowers. Here’s some of their takeaways in their own words from this past year. Part one […]

We dance better ruedas if we follow Ruedetiquette!

Cuban salsa tips II: The Ruedetiquette

Here’s our next batch of Cuban salsa tips, this time about an essential topic for dancing rueda anywhere. While we don’t talk about it much in class, we’re sure most of our students have heard us mention this incredibly important universal tip. ‘Ruedetiquette’, or rueda etiquette or the protocol to follow in any social rueda, […]

2019: Dame2Salsa Yearbook

We are kicking off the new year continuing our little salsa tradition. We’d like to share our favorite memories and milestones from this past year: our salsa adventures with all of you! Here are our TOP 10 highlights from 2019: March 2019:Rueda de Casino International Multi Flashmob day   In March, Dame2Salsa had the honor […]

2018: A Well-rounded Year in Rueda Standard

Did you know? After giving classes for years, we decided to start a project to teach and revitalize Cuban Rueda and Rueda de Casino in Madrid –  Dame2Salsa! A founding principle was to use a standard (Rueda Standard). That way, all of our students can dance together all over the world, regardless of skill level […]

Why don't we offer free salsa lessons?

Why don’t we offer free salsa lessons?

We get asked if we offer free salsa lessons in Madrid a lot. Maybe even more often than that, people ask us if they can try a class before enrolling in our academy. In this article, we are going to explain why we don’t do either. Group characteristics The first, and most important, reason we […]