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Cuban rueda courses

At Dame2Salsa we offer Cuban rueda (Cuban-style salsa danced in a group, or rueda de casino) classes for several levels over 3-month intensive periods. All classes are one hour and are held once a week. These cuban rueda classes are taught at Progreso Musical, very close to Argüelles metro in the center of Madrid. Instructions are given in Spanish, but English explanations can be given upon request.

Our 3-month courses (12 classes) are 36€ per month. If you sign up for two classes a week (24 classes), the price is 64€ per month, and if you sign up for three classes a week (36 classes) you instantly become a “Dame2Salsero infinito” so you can sign up for as many groups as you want without any additional cost (limited only by availability and level).

Bear in mind that, as we mentioned in “Our classes”, registration for our courses is closed most of the year. However, right now registration is open, as we are preparing the groups for the autumn season. Remember that you do not need to sign up in pairs or couples, as we are the ones who organize the groups so they are balanced in terms of leaders/followers.

If you want to sign up or have any questions, please send us a message (WhatsApp or Messenger) using the Contact button on the bottom-right, or an email at loading...

The schedule for this course (end Sept – Dec 2023) is as follows:

Cuban rueda schedule for Sept 2023 Dance school Dame2Salsa

Cuban rueda Level 1

Group 1: Tuesdays @ 21h

Group 2: Wednesdays @ 20h

Group 3: Thursdays @ 19h

Cuban rueda Level 2

Group 1: Wednesdays @ 21h

Group 2: Thursdays @ 20h

Cuban rueda Level 3

Group 1: Thursdays @ 21h

Group 2: Fridays @ 19h

Cuban rueda Level 4

Group 1: Tuesdays @ 20h

Group 2: Fridays @ 20h

Cuban rueda Level 5

Group 1: Fridays @ 21h

Dance group “Power 5”

Group 1: Mondays @ 21h

Rueda structures(?)

Group 1: Mondays @ 20h

Groups with a *, if any: To be confirmed

We will open registration for additional levels if the aforementioned groups become full. Please remember our groups are small, so these new groups would need enough students signed up and a balanced number of leaders/followers. Therefore, if you want to join us but you can’t fit Dame2Salsa in your weekly schedule, contact us! We may be looking to open new groups and you could be the one who makes the group happen.

Making up classes: Students are allowed to make up one class per month, either in the same level (in courses with more than one group) or in a lower level (in courses with only one group). It is required to warn the teachers in advance about missing the class.

You can reserve your spot by contacting us at loading... or using the Contact button on the bottom-right of the page.

Which level am I?

As we have several levels, we are asked a lot which level you should join. This is a general idea about each level and who is it aimed for:

  • Level 1: From even the first class, we will dancing salsa and rueda. You will learn pasos like dame, dame 2, enchufla (and its variations), el 70, el 1, 2, 3, 4, croqueta, and many more. Join level 1 if you don’t know those pasos, if you have never danced salsa and/or if you have not danced rueda.
  • Level 2: Join this level if you have danced Cuban rueda and you are able to perform (lead if you dance as a leader, follow if you dance as a follower) the level 1 pasos, join level 2!
  • Level 3: If you have learnt a lot of Cuban rueda and are able to mix pasos arriba and abajo, in this level we start to focus in pasos with a lot of interaction between rueda dancers: tumba francesa, babosa, etc., and a particular emphasis in co-calling and pasos al centro.
  • Level 4: Perfecting Rueda moves, overall dance technique and partnerwork.
  • Level 5: Musicality, rhythm and harder Cuban-style moves.

Everybody can join level 1, but in order to join any other level, you need to be assigned to a group. We will get together, dance some rueda and we will tell you which group you should join. Use the Contact button on the bottom-right or send us an email at loading... to schedule a group allocation!

*What are Rueda Structures?

In Cuban Rueda or Rueda de Casino, the “normal” structure consists of a couples facing the center of the circle, changing partners clockwise or counterclockwise depending on what moves are called. But, in reality, this is just the tip of the iceberg for Rueda fans. Rueda structures change that basic concept. They introduce variations of shape (lines, crosses, concentric ruedas, ruedas made up of mini ruedas), new ways of changing partners and roles, and even combinations of these variations.

Here’s an example of a Llanta workshop back from 2021:

Other courses

From time to time, we do single-subject courses dedicated to other dances or a particular group of salsa moves. These courses are normally are shorter in duration (offered over a day or week) and we publish them on our social media: Facebook and Instagram.

Private classes or events

If you want to hire Dame2Salsa teachers for private classes or a private event, please contact us: loading...

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