Level tests or group assignments

We are often asked what do level tests or group assignment consist of at Dame2Salsa. Some of you tell us that these kind of tests scare you because you are afraid of “performing badly” (spoiler alert: you can’t). To dissipate any doubts, we will explain the details.

Why do we do level tests?

We are a dance school in which students have fun, of course, but they also learn. We have 8 rueda levels. There are enough levels for all, from those who don’t even know what salsa is, to those who know a lot about rueda and want to improve. Level tests allow us to place you in the appropriate level, so it’s not too easy or too difficult for you. Comparing ourselves to a Spanish language school, it would not make sense for someone who has a B2 level to come to class and be taught how to introduce themselves in Spanish.

What do level tests consist of?

We’ll meet and dance a few ruedas, with what we consider to be the key steps from each level. We will be the same teachers you will have in class, so we can do the level test for leaders and followers.

Depending on how many are there for the level test it can be shorter or longer, but normally in half an hour we will have done the greetings and danced a bit.

If our and your schedule allows, we will go to have a drink after! The following day we will send you a message with the level we think you should join.

It is a group assignment, you cannot ‘do it wrong’

Undoubtedly, there will be some steps that you do not know, there may be others that you do differently, and there will be some steps that you know by heart. Each school has its priorities and steps that we may consider very basic and taught in levels 1 or 2, may be considered more advanced in other schools, or vice versa. Additionally, we not only consider if you know the step, we take into account how difficult would be for you to learn it.

This is why you cannot perform badly, because this is not an exam of rueda steps, but rather a tool for us to place you in the right level for you.

We hope to have answered your questions, but of course, feel free to contact us at loading... if you have any additional ones.

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